Welcome to BnV Jewelry Consultants & Gold Buyers, LLC

Anuj “Andy” Bawa, the owner of BnV Jewelry Consultants, has worked in the jewelry industry for over a decade, but  decided to open his own jewelry consulting business to give customers a more personal experience.

Bawa began in the jewelry industry in 2007, working his way up from an associate to a manager at various retailers. When he was laid off several years ago, Bawa decided to create his business focusing on aspects of the industry he deems most important — spending time with the customers so they would be fully informed about their pieces.

“I’ve been in the industry for so long, and I’ve seen how the inside works,” Bawa said while sitting in his retail store at 76 North Main Street in Southington. “The stress level there, its very intimidating…I’m not that guy. I like to sit and talk with people.”

Bawa never liked the pressure to make commissions and how the bigger companies were only about the bottom line. Bawa said his company, BvN Jewelry Consultants & Gold Buyers, would be about having the people who come to him be guests, not considered clients or customers. The primary aspect of the business will be insurance appraisals, Bawa said. But he will also sell jewelry, work on creating custom orders, do repairs and handle estates and gold buying, Bawa said. Bawa is certified from the Gemological Institute of America, and is versed in colored stones and diamonds.Louis Perillo III, the town’s economic development coordinator, said the town looks favorably on new businesses entering the market.

“It’s positive reinforcement that business is doing well and the town is inviting,” Perillo said. “I wish him well.

Bawa said people think jewelry will retain or increase its value. But with a constantly fluctuating market, that is often not the case, Bawa said. Bawa wants to help people know what they are really buying and getting for the price, he said. He plans to stay small, only looking at hiring possibly one person in the future. “You’ll always have Andy in the picture,” Bawa said.

Currently Bawa is getting set up in his new office. He secured the office space last year, and will be operating soon. He plans to have the grand opening ceremony on March 28, his wife’s birthday. Bawa said his wife has been his strongest supporter.


Published by The Record Journal:
By Lauren Sievert Record-Journal staff